Prayer to Stop Terrorism



Praying meeting

09:am The Vision and the reason of Prayer.

The spirit of the Lord told me to pray and fasting for 30 days, He told me to get 10 people to pray with me. He said that since the Muslims are going into what they call holy month for their God. And since we have all what is taking place right now in the Country not only in the country, but also around the World. God wants us to pray when they are praying and fasting. God is going to Glorify him self if we do so.

As the man of God is preaching the hedge of protection on our Nation as well as the world we need to pray and stop all what the enemy had already planed.

The Holy Spirit gave me this scripture, 1 King 18:19, 20,22 we are going to read the whole scripture but the main verse is 22 then Elijah said to the people I alone am left a prophet of the Lord, but Baal’s prophets are four hundred and fifty men.

Elijah was only one person but his God glorified him self and answered with consuming fire. If we pray our God is going to glorify him self.
We are going to pray that God expose the devil’s future plans. To the FBI and other people in the authority, that the devil will be stopped before any more disaster takes place . We are going to pray the protection upon this Nation as well as the nations around the world.

The Holy Spirit told me, that if we pray when the Muslims are praying our God is going to Glorify him self. God is going to hunt, all the Okaidah net work and the osamah been laden. They are going to surrender to our god .our prayer is going to stop all those people who are hiding in the United States sending anthrax. God is going to expose them were they have been hiding, People of God. God is going to glorify him self.

God is going to reveal all the enemies’ weapons whatsoever they have been hiding. 
They are going to come out. One thing I know that God is going to do some thing if we pray. We are going to stand in the gap and stop the devil’s future plan.
In the name of Jesus Christ.

10: am. Praising and worship in Psalms 66

11:am. Matthew: 6.9
Praying the way Jesus taught his disciples to pray and when you pray.

12:PM. Putting on the whole armor of GOD. Ephesians, 6:10,12,13.

1:PM. Matthew 16:19 Bounding the evil spirits.

2. Corinthians 10:2,3,4,
For though we walk in the flesh we do not war according to the flesh.
We are going to start pulling down the strong holds. 
Name all the countries you know that they make biological weapons, anthrax, atomic bombs, and chemical warfare, name all the sickness that you know. Terrorist ETC,

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