Repenting Prayer for Our Nation

Deuteronomy18: 10-11, Leviticus 18:21 Liv 19:31 Iniquity 2:tim 2:19

Do not defile yourself with any of these things, for by all these the nations defiled which I am casting out before you. Liviticus 18:24-25 Acts 8:6-24

There’s so many things we don’t know, as Christians the Lord wants us to know these things, so no one will take advantage of of his kingdom.

1.     Fortune teller 12. Tottoo Liv 19:28 Prostitution
2.     crystal reading 13. Disobedient-

Rebellion 1 Sam 15:23

24. Mistreating

Liv 19:33

3.     Palmistry 14. Stubbornness’ 25. Unforgiveness
4.     Spiritsm ,Medium

5.     Conjure spells.

6.     Soothsayer Liv 19:26

7.     Sorcerer

8.      Deat :18:1014

15.Talebearer Liv 19:16


26.Injustine               Judgment Liv 19:15 23.Jealousies lewdness

Murders , etc.

Gal 5:16-21

9.     cowarderers, Unbelieving, Immoral Rev. 21:8 Sorcerers, Idolaters. And liars 27. Holding grudges

Liv  19:18

Spiritual blindness Spiritual ignorance, greediness, Corruption, deceitful lusts Eph 4:18
10.   Enchantment 17.Bitterness Heb 12:15         Iniquity  Acts 8: 22-23 28. Mixing different

religion Liv 19:19

11.   Pass through fire 18. Idol worship 29.
.   Divination 19. Familiar spirit 30.
14. 20. anger 31.
15. 21.Hate Liv 19:17 32.
16. 22.Envy 33.

These things are supposed to be spoken of in the Church Rev22: 13-17

God is preparing us for the good work, 2 Tim 2:21

As I was praying during the week, the spirit of the Lord told, that this is a healing place, and his plans for us is good, all he wants us to do is to know what things that will hinder us from going forward.

Liv 19: 2-4 16-28 1 Samuel 15: 22-23  1 Sam 15:32 Acts 8:22-23 2 Chronicles 33:6 when we do these things we provoking to God to anger.  In the business world every place you go  there is a statue of Buddha, 2 Chronicles 33:7

Any person doing these things are not going to go in heaven.1 Samuel 15:24 1 Samuel 28: 1-3-8

Do and hear the voice o f the Lord, if you don’t hear the voice of the Lord and you want to, let us pray.

Mixing our beliefs. I always talk about Buddha this or that, let us see what happened 2 Chr 33:4-5

Building altar for all the hosts of Heaven mixing religion for example many people here in America believe that Buddha is supposed to be close to Jesus, so where we have the Church they want to be there too.

1 Defilement is building other gods altars close to Jesus, there is so many people in the Church that would go to the Psychics, they use to have a t.v channel where people want and call their dead relatives and it was on T.V

Watch out for them that worship Please read 2 Chronicles 33:10-16 what happens if we don’t do what the Lord is requiring us to do?

What us the meaning of Defilement? The bible says give no place for the devil Ephesians 4:27,

Pursue righteousness faith love peace with those who call o the Lord out of a pure heart. 2 Timothy 2:22

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