Project Besisol


Besisol is a loving and caring foundation for all God’s people, we believe that we can save one life at a time, Jesus gave up his life for us to be living examples, by helping our sisters and brothers whom have no chance of helping themselves. Besisol is a non profit foundation that is willing to be something in some one’s life here in the USA and Africa.

The word of God says James 1:27 pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world. Matt, 25:34-40 Is- 1:17

Besisol is going to help widows and orphans, the victims of HIV aids, and the less fortunate kids who finish primary education and don’t get the chance to continue to a higher education because of luck of funds to pay their tuition. the situation leading to unemployment, Prostitution, street kids, stealing, and other evils of society, that causes the majority to be exposed to HIV aids, they end up dyeing at the early age, living multitude of young kids with no help.


Our plan is to help these kids by paying their tuition to continue with their higher education, providing uniforms buying books, etc. Our new generation will have a better living future, they will be able to get jobs or create Jobs, for the future generation.
We believe all those kids who are willing to continue with a higher

Education but have no chance if they have given a chance to Continue with higher education in ten years from now, we will have a better society. Because of poverty and luck of education our society is a dangerous place.


A high school student or a collage student, one child’s tuition a year is about $1000 That encloses books, uniforms, etc.


As we all know the countless widows and orphans in Uganda, besisol is going to help building shelters to give a home to the widows and their kids, those widows who already have land, that is not developed Besisol is going to build houses for them.

Therefore they can have a warm and better place to live, and raise their kids in a better and nice environment; our new generation will have a better future.
Building houses for widows and less fortunate, a house of two bed -rooms a kitchen bathroom and toilet If some one already has a land; the cost is $5000. With electricity and water close to their houses.


Besisol plans to setup food banks, building schools, Hospitals, Libraries in the rural areas. Our number one plan is to build computer Schools in our communities.

Some one may ask who is going to run theses things while you are here, the answer is ,most of these kids that we are going to pay their tuition, after finishing their educa- tion they are going to look for Jobs, we know we can raise up doctors, engineers etc. we are planing to train some of these kids to do the work, in the project.

We are going to get doctors, teachers, missionaries and other professionals who are willing to go to Africa to help those who are less fortunate.

For example we have been working with. Project Africa they take doctors, nurses, and other professionals, to Africa to treat people with different kinds of diseases. My husband went with project Africa to Swaziland; he also went to Uganda.


Here at home Besisol wants to help one other buy raise money through us and give it to one member, for example if we are 10 members we are going to raise money every month. From among us give it to one member in the group, this is done every month.

This is done to help one another and to build a bond of responsibility to the group, we are going to minister to our young generation here in the USA, and ministering to women as well. Teach them how to behave, talking about marriage, who is woman, Who is a mother, what responsibilities we have in the home, What they should expect when getting marriage, according to the word of God, Proverbs 14:1 1.Cor, 11:7

In the future BESISOL will expand to help young men in our society.

How can you help?
You can help by giving a donation books for example, science books, mathematics books, English books money, clothes, or old cars, or you can plan to visit Uganda sometime next year with us.

Please contact pastor Irene Taylor, or
Dr. Randy Taylor. ( 323 ) 467-2623 (213)383 2224
P.O.Box 1094 Hollywood,
Hollywood CA 90028.

If you want to be part of Besisol please let us know, we will be happy to work with you.

Remember by being part of this project may save a doctor from becoming another victim of aids, or gun short or staving to death.
To gather we can make difference one life at a time.

One voice, one world, one global tribe.

We love you may the good Lord bless you.


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